Open Access Week

Open Access & Scopus

Open access journals offer an alternative to traditional subscription-based journals by providing researchers, students and members of the general public with free access to peer-reviewed scholarly articles.

Databases, like Scopus, often index open-access articles, making it much easier to find open access articles in a particular subject area.

Open access types available in Scopus:

  • Gold: documents that are in journals which only publish open access.
  • Hybrid-Gold: documents that are in journals which provide authors the choice of publishing open access.
  • Bronze: published version of record or manuscript accepted for publication. The publisher has chosen to provide temporary or permanent free access.
  • Green: published version or manuscript accepted for publication, available at repository.

What are the advantages of using open access articles?

  • Greater access to publications that are typically blocked by a paywall 
  • Immediate access to digital content

Written by Lauren Hollman, CUE Library Services Assistant.


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