Library Services

How to Pay Library Fees in Online Services

Learn why you may have library fees, how to pay your library fines in Online Services, and how to appeal your fines.

Library fees will show up on your student account if you have kept library materials out past their due date, returned reserve/tech items late, or if you have lost library materials. Prior to getting late fees on your account, you will receive an email from NEOS reminding you of your overdue items.

You can check for library fees in Online Services or through your library My Account.

How to pay library fees in Online Services:

  1. To pay your library fees, visit Online Services
A screenshot of the Online Services main page, with a red box around the Online Services Students log in link to highlight which link to choose.
  1. Log in using your student email and password
The CUE student log in page with an example email,, and password.
  1. In the “My Account” drop down menu, choose “Library Fees”
A red box highlights the library fees tab in Online services.
  1. If you have outstanding fees, they will appear in the resulting window. Here, you can pay for your fees using a credit card. It is also possible to pay for your library fees in person at the CUE bookstore.

To appeal a fine, please fill out our Fines Appeal Form, also available through the Fines page of our website. Be sure to include the reason for your appeal. Fine Appeals for fines on overdue recalled items or reserve items will not be accepted. You will receive an email advising you of the decision on your appeal.