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CUE Library’s Book Club

Did you know that reading for fun has mental and physical health benefits?

Thank you to everyone who has been reading along with us for our past two book club picks and attending our meetings! With final exams right around the corner, we are going to hold off on having our next book club meeting until September 2022.

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What are we reading?

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Meeting Info:

  • Meeting Type: Virtual (Google Meet)
  • Next Meeting Date: Fall Semester 2022 (Exact Date/Time TBD)

How do I get a copy?

To ensure free and equitable access to the books we’re reading, we’ve decided to use ebooks from the Edmonton Public Library’s Freading database. This database provides users with access to ebooks without wait times.

If you do not already have an Edmonton Public Library card, register for an L-Pass and use your CUE ID card to access EPL’s resources.

Want to try out EPL’s Freading?

Why do we have a book club?

As part of the CUE Wellness Initiative, Wellness Is Here, we invite you to join our book club to gain the benefits of recreational reading and build connections with other students, staff, and faculty.

What are the benefits of reading for fun?

  • reduces stress
  • lowers blood pressure and heart rate
  • helps you to fall asleep
  • increases empathy

Learn more about the benefits of recreational reading: