Scholarly Communication

Mediated Deposit Service for Faculty Publications

Learn all about the development of a mediated deposit service for faculty publications.

Over the past two years, CUE Library, in collaboration with University of Alberta Library (UAL), has been working diligently to establish CUE’s Community Collection, a digital repository under the umbrella of the University of Alberta’s Education and Research Archive (ERA).

Presently, CUE Library is in the early stages of developing a mediated deposit service for faculty publications that will be housed in ERA.

What does this mean for CUE Faculty? 

The deposit of publications into ERA will be streamlined and supported by library staff. Specifically, CUE Library’s mediated deposit service will include:

  • a review of copyright policies to determine whether a publisher policies limit the sharing of research through ERA
  • documentation of the copyright “clearance and conditions” for each publication
  • systematic gathering of record publication data
  • conservation of appropriate files for deposit

What are the benefits of depositing into ERA? 

  • ERA’s open access content promotes global opportunities for research discovery as well as for archival preservation. 
  • ERA provides an easy and convenient solution for faculty who must deposit their research in an open access repository to meet funding agency requirements

This pilot project will allow library staff to familiarize themselves with the journal-level open access policies summarized on the Sherpa Romeo website; how these policies are applied to works deposited into institutional repositories; develop policy and information surrounding this mediated deposit service; and prepare for the upcoming rollout of the service.

For inquiries or to participate in this pilot project, please contact Victoria Eke, Scholarly Communications Librarian, by email at