How to Cite Videos in APA (7th Edition)

Are you unsure how to cite videos in 7th edition APA format? No worries! This post covers how to cite YouTube videos, movies/motion pictures, and TV episodes.

How do you cite videos in APA format? 

It depends! First, you want to identify whether it is a YouTube video, a Movie/Motion Picture, or a TV show episode.

  • YouTube video: This refers to any digital videos uploaded on YouTube.  
  • Movie/Motion Picture: This refers to any feature length film or video, whether it is from a DVD or from a streaming platform, such as Netflix.
  • TV show episode: This refers to any TV episode, including episodes from miniseries, whether it is from a DVD or from a streaming platform, such as Netflix.

If you’re still not sure what source you’re using, library staff can help you: Ask Us!

YouTube Videos:

APA Reference List Entry:

  • Person or group who uploaded the video. (Date of publication). Title of video [Video]. Website host. URL
  • CBC News. (2020, October 9). Tracking Amazon returns: here’s where they really go [Video]. Youtube.

APA In-Text Citations:

  • (Uploader’s last name or uploader’s group name, year). 
  • (CBC News, 2020). 

Movie/Motion Picture

APA Reference List Entry:

  • Director, A. (Director). (Release Year). Title of motion picture [Film]. Studio. 
  • Avildsen, J. (Director). (1984). Karate Kid [Film]. Columbia Pictures; Delphi II Productions. 

APA In-Text Citations:

  • (Director’s last name, year). 
  • (Avildsen, 1984)

TV Show Episode:

APA Reference List Entry:

  • Writer, A. (Writer), & Director, A. (Director). (Release Date). Title of episode (Season number, Episode number) [TV series episode]. In Executive producer, A. & Executive producer, B, (Executive Producers), TV show name. Production Company.
  • Carrel, S. (Writer) & Feig, P. (Director). (2007, November 8). Survivor man (Season 4, Episode 7) [TV series episode]. In R. Gervais, S. Merchant, & G. Daniels (Executive Producers), The office. NBC. 

APA In-Text Citations:

  •  (Writer’s last name & Director’s last name, year).
  • (Carrel & Feig, 2007).

Important things to note

  • Depending on the film or TV show, there may be multiple directors listed. If there is more than one director, list all their names. The same goes for TV episodes with multiple writers. 
  • There may also be more than one production company for the film or TV show. If this is the case, list all production companies with a semicolon between each company name.

For more information about APA citation, look at the OWL @ Purdue guide, the University of Alberta’s guide, or the American Psychological Association (APA) guide.