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Sharing Links to Library Resources

A stable URL is NOT always the URL found in your browser's address bar.

Finding Stable URLs (Permalinks)

All EBSCO Databases

CUE Library licenses many databases from EBSCO. Academic Search Complete, ERIC, MLA International Bibliography, and PsychINFO are some of the most popular EBSCO databases but the library has many others as well. In all EBSCO databases, you will find the permalink on the right-hand side of the abstract page. The item's permalink will then appear at the top of the page. Click on the link, select the entire link, then copy and past it into your email, document or Moodle, etc.

ACM Digital Library

Within the ACM Digital Library database, the article's stable digital object identifier [DOI] is found between the title and abstract.    

Canadian Periodical Index (Gale OneFile)

To access permalinks on the Canadian Periodical Index database, select "Get Link" at the top right-hand side of your article. A new box will then appear with the permalink that you can then select, copy, and paste into your email, document or Moodle.

Films on Demand (Individual Video)

To share a single video from Films on Demand, find the permalink by clicking "Share" - which is located under the video. A box will then appear with the stable URL for you to copy and paste.

Films on Demand (Video Series)

If you would like to share a video series, click "Page Link" located under the series title. A permalink for the entire video series will then appear below for you to copy and paste.  

Gale Primary Sources

To access the permalink in the Gale Primary Sources database, click "Get Link" - found on the top right hand corner of your screen. The permalink will then appear in a new box. Click select to copy and paste the link into your email, document, or Moodle, etc.


On the JSTOR database, you will find the permalink on the left-hand side of the page of your selected article.


To share a Kanopy video, you will find the permalink under "Share" just below the videos title. Once you click "Share", a box with the permalink will appear.

NRC Research Press Journal

On the NRC Research Press Journal database, you will find the DOI for your selected article just under the title and above the abstract.

O'Reilly Ebooks

Currently, copying and pasting O'Reilly links that are found in your browser bar will result in students being asked to pay for access to that resource.

To avoid this situation, once you have found a resource that you want to share from O'Reilly, look it up by title in the CUE Library catalogue and share the resource's catalogue permalink. 


ProQuest eBook Central

After selecting the eBook of your choice on the ProQuest eBook Central database, you will find the permalink by selecting "Share Link to Book" on the left-hand side of the abstract page, as seen below.

Once you select "Share Link to Book" a small box will appear on your screen with the permalink. Please Note: to share any eBooks from ProQuest you will be required to make an account using your Concordia email and password.


On the PubMed database, you will find the DOI above the title of your selected article.

Science Reference Center

The permalink on the Science Reference Center is located on the left-hand side of the articles abstract page. After clicking "Permalink", the link will appear at the top of the abstract page.

Science Direct

Permalinks on the Science Direct database will be found below the title and authors of your selected article.


If you require assistance with sharing links to library resources, please contact your program’s liaison librarian here.


This part of a stable link allows all CUE students, staff, and faculty to access the library resource by logging in with their CUE email and password.

Image credit: Photo by Brooke Cagle on Unsplash