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Textbooks & CUE Library

Borrowing textbooks from the library is a great way to save a few dollars but here are a few things to keep in mind.

We don’t always have the newest edition

Often, if we carry a copy of your textbook, it is usually an older version of the one you are using in your classes.

You can search for textbooks in the library catalogue –  it is best to include one or more of the authors names as well as the title of your textbook as textbook titles can be quite generic.

You can’t keep the textbook for the whole term

CUE’s undergraduate students can borrow Concordia’s books for 6 weeks but if someone places a hold on that book, you will be required to bring it back early.

If you are borrowing a textbook from another NEOS library (U of A, MacEwan, NorQuest etc.) you will only be able to borrow it for 2 weeks.

Additionally, if these books are returned late you can accumulate expensive library fines on your student account.

Textbook Purchasing Options

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