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Explore the Directory of Open Access Repositories

What is the Directory of Open Access Repositories (OpenDOAR)?

OpenDOAR, launched in 2005, is a global directory of academic open access repositories and their policies. The database enables users to identify, browse, and search for repositories based on a range of criteria, such as geographic location, institution name, software, and subject matter.

The repositories included in OpenDOAR subscribe wholly to the concept of open access, providing immediate access to full text resources that are of use to academic researchers. While OpenDOAR lists primarily publication repositories, other types of repositories, those housing images or data sets, are also included.

Also available is the OpenDOAR Policy Tool which enables repository administrators to generate policy language from a set of options based on industry standards. The recommended options adhere to the minimum requirements for compliance with Open Access standards.

The types of policies covered include:

  • Metadata Policy – Information describing items in a repository
  • Data Policy – Full text and other full data items
  • Content Policy – Types of materials held (documents, data sets, etc.)
  • Submission Policy – Concerning depositors, quality, and copyright
  • Preservation Policy

Photo by Brooke Cagle on Unsplash