Where You Should Study in the Library

CUE Library has five different floors for you to use and each of these areas has a different atmosphere for you to study in. Check out our study spaces map! 

The Basement:  This is a collaborative study space with tables, chairs, benches, and whiteboards for you to work on projects and study in groups

  • This space often gets very busy and full during the lunch hour.
  • The basement also has a drop-in computer lab (room L110) as well as 9 bookable study spaces. Book a study space here.

The Main Floor:  This flexible study space allows students to meet up in small groups or to sit and read alone (the comfy chairs in the main floor’s gallery space are excellent for this).

  • Just keep in mind while the main floor is usually quieter than the basement, the main floor is by no means a silent study area – if you like to have some light background noise while you’re working, the main floor is the best place for you.
  • The main floor also has a drop in computer lab (room L264), a bookable study space (room L281), and the Library Service Desk.

The Mezzanine, Second Floor, & Third Floor: These three floors have individual study desks (carrels) for you to study at. These areas are for quiet, individual study only: no group work is permitted in the mezzanine, second floor, or third floor.

Quiet study space etiquette:

  • No talking
  • Set your phone to silent
  • Make or answer phone calls in the stairwells (and talk quietly when you do)
  • If you are listening to music or watching videos, use headphones and keep the volume at a minimum

And just a heads up, we do have ear plugs available for students at the Library Service Desk.

Other Drop-In Group Studying Options on Campus

  • CSRI Building:  CS 207 – Design Thinking Space, CS 125 – Business Incubator Space, CS 124 – Indigenous Knowledge & Research Centre
  • Empty Classrooms: Empty classrooms can be booked by emailing
  • Tegler
  • Cafeteria

Photo by Matt Ragland on Unsplash