Thrive Not Survive: Final Exam Study Tips

Its that time of year again students. Welcome back to sleepless nights, junk food and that sinking feeling of forgetfulness after a marathon of endless cramming. Exams are right around the corner, but don’t fret we have compiled a list of our best study tips to help our students thrive not just survive. 

Be Organized 

  • Create a To-Do list for all your classes and exams. Rearrange and cross items off as they are completed. 
  • Clear your study space of clutter and any items that may distract you.

Find a Study Buddy or Form a Study Group

  • Allows you to share and compare notes with your classmates.
  • Shared studying for a final exam can help focus students and prevent them from getting distracted.
  • Great environment for discussions and self quizzing. 

Study Everyday

  • What?! Yes, don’t leave everything to the few days before your exam. Giving yourself enough time to comfortable study a little each day can greatly reduce stress levels. 
  • Save some free time to review notes from the previous week and make note of any areas you’ll need to review.
  • Rewrite your notes in your own words and then connect it to what you know. 

Take Breaks

  • Mental fatigue is real and can be counterproductive for long term retention. Find your time limit and reward yourself with a break to keep your mind fresh.
  • Go for a walk outside, hang out with friends, or stop by the library and spend time with the dogs from the Pet Therapy Society of Northern Alberta on April 23rd and 27th. 

What’s Your Volume

  • Determine the level of sound you can tolerate while studying. This will help you decided where you should study in the library
  • Some students prefer absolute silence, others like the white noise of a TV show/movie, and some students need headphones to play their favorite music. Find your preference! 

Brain Food

  • While the stress of finals may have you reaching for junk food and caffeine remember to have healthy meals, snacks and to drink water. This will help keep your brain alert and give you the energy you need to study.
  • The over consumption of processed foods and caffeine can leave you feeling exhausted and burnt out.