Printing at Concordia Library

How to print from the library computer labs at Concordia.
  1. Once you’ve logged into one of the library computers and are ready to print, click your document’s print button – make sure it’s set to “CUCA_Print
  2.  Head over to one of the “CUCA_Print” printers (they’re the larger printers with photocopiers attached to the top)
  3. Swipe your Concordia ID card
  4. Tap “ok” on the touch screen
  5. Tap the “Release” button on the touch screen
  6. Select your print job(s) and then press the “start” button on the keypad

More information about printing at Concordia is also available at CUE IT Services FAQ page.

And if you need more help with printing, stop by the Library Service Desk to speak with an IT staff member.